Go2Paper Launches PaperManager™ 3.0

New features enhance the value for paper buyers at retailers, catalogers, and publishers

OAKLAND, CA - December 15, 2008 - Go2Paper (http://www.Go2Paper.com) a leading provider of e-business tools and services for the global paper industry, announced today the release of PaperManager 3.0. PaperManager, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, located at www.PaperManager.com allows publishers, catalogers and retailers to manage their paper orders and inventory with their paper suppliers and printers.

With hundreds of PaperManager subscribers, Go2Paper has established a large customer base of paper buyers, mills and printers. The company regularly solicits opinions from its members in order to improve the service offering and from that feedback is able to develop new features to the benefit of all its members.

With the release of PaperManager 3.0, many new features have been added to support the paper buyer's daily operations. One such feature is Easy Forecaster, which simply reduces from days or weeks to minutes or hours the amount of time it takes to create full -year, detailed forecasts. The tool assures timely and accurate forecasts with a few clicks.

In addition, new reporting tools have been created making it easier and faster to build relevant reports, all downloadable to excel. The tools allow each user to generate customized reports from a broad array of data, eliminating the need for the buyers to contact their vendors for this information. More accessible data allows the paper buyer to make better management decisions.

Mike Conran, Go2Paper CEO, said, "Building new features into PaperManager is the most exciting part of our jobs. It takes careful planning and complete team work by our staff to make certain that each feature fits into our overall scheme." He added, "Our customers rely more and more on PaperManager for managing their entire paper program, so we must always focus on building easy-to-use tools to enhance the value."

The service is being offered to Retailers, Catalogers, and Magazine Publishers on a monthly subscription without any up front fees or integration costs so customers can start using it immediately.

For a demo of PaperManager, contact Mike Conran at 510-336-0602.

Go2Paper (http://www.Go2Paper.com)

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