Go2Paper Adds New Paper Categories and Launches New Design

The #1 Online Paper Marketplace Adds Paperboard, Kraft, and Specialty Paper

Oakland, CA - July 9, 2003 - Go2Paper, a leading provider of e-business tools and services for the global paper industry, announced today the launching of their new website design with additional paper categories including: Paperboard, Kraft, and Specialty paper. The Paper Marketplace, open for all paper buyers and sellers, is located at www.Go2Paper.com.

The Paper Marketplace, launched in October 2001, was initially designed for paper users to buy and sell rolls of printing and writing paper. Due to its enormous popularity, the company has continued to expand its features and services to better match the needs of its growing membership. Since then, the company has developed the ability to offer sheets of paper and has expanded its paper categories to include a full menu of paper types. "Many of our members wanted us to offer the ability to buy and sell Paperboard and Kraft. With this important update, we now cover just about every paper grade that our customers are looking to transact." said Mike Conran, CEO, Go2Paper. He added, "US Paperboard production is even larger than the printing and writing paper market as it represented over 47 million tons last year. Obviously, we're excited about the potential."

In addition, the company has launched their new design to further help buyers and sellers manage their paper orders. The new design includes:

About Go2Paper

Go2Paper is a technology company providing online solutions for the paper industry, including: the Paper Marketplace (an online source to buy/sell paper), the Private Web, the PaperManager, and Professional Services.