XML Based Supply Chain Management Tool for the Printing and Paper Industry

OAKLAND, CA - July 7, 2005 - Go2Paper (www.Go2Paper.com) a leading provider of e-business tools and services for the global paper industry, announced today the release of PaperManager 2.0 located online at www.PaperManager.com. PaperManager 2.0 facilitates the process for publishers, catalogers, and retailers to manage their paper orders and inventory collaboratively with their paper suppliers and printers. The company has over 40 customers using PaperManager.

PaperManager 2.0 provides an enhanced design enabling users to see their orders in better detail and navigate between accounts more readily. Users can define their paper order parameters like printers, paper suppliers and print formats (including makeready and run waste) up front assuring timesavings and promoting accuracy. The system allows printers to enter paper receipts and usage to create an automatic calculation of over/under against contract pounds for each print event.

To improve the paper order process, the new release also includes a database of over 3,000 product specifications. Users can quickly select their product for each order and compare specifications like brightness, opacity and gloss. In addition, users can either choose to forecast the order or place directly with a paper supplier. Forecasting allows users to input orders for a full year and adjust specifications prior to issuing the order.

The new version also enhances the inventory management capability of PaperManager. Once paper receipts and usage figures are input, any remaining pounds are placed back into plant-specific inventory to be applied against future paper orders. Inventory is tracked at exact cost, and can be easily transferred between plants at the user's discretion.

PaperManager's paper reporting capability is comprehensive, allowing reports on orders forecasted, orders placed, inventory and usage. Each report may be customized by paper type, paper supplier, paper destination and time frame. Reports can be downloaded to excel or XML file.

PaperManager 2.0 also includes XML based technology using papiNet standards to allow easy integration among trading partners. In one case, suppliers may transmit their shipping manifest, which will appear on the PaperManager for printers to view in roll level detail the incoming shipment. "We are very pleased with the support and feedback we've received from our customers. We continue to push the technology to improve the workflow in the paper supply chain," said Mike Conran, Go2Paper CEO.

The service is being offered to Retailers, Catalogers, and Magazine Publishers on a monthly subscription without any up front fees or integration costs so customers can start using it immediately.

Go2Paper (http://www.Go2Paper.com)

Go2Paper is a technology company providing services for the paper industry. These include: Paper Marketplace for buying and selling paper; PrivateWeb for customers who want their own web-based inventory; PaperManager for customers who want to manage their paper orders; and Professional Services.