Go2Paper Offers Global Marketplace for Today's Buyers and Sellers of Paper

OAKLAND, CA - September 7, 2005 - When Mike Conran launched Go2Paper in 2001 after two years of development, he dreamed of an electronic global marketplace where buyers and sellers of paper could meet to transact business. And that is exactly what happened! "By 2002, in only a year's time, we broke 1,000 customers," says Conran, the firm's President. "This showed us the industry needed and welcomed the service. Traditionally a printer or end user with overstock would call a broker to see what he could get, but the seller was restricted to a narrow marketplace and by geography. Now that same seller can test the market worldwide and maximize the value of his paper."

Who are typical customers? "All the players in the paper industry: mills, printers, converters, end users, merchants and brokers." says Conran. Go2Paper offers buyers and sellers the benefits of a global market, and the confidence that deals are forged in a 'real time' marketplace. In one case a national retailer needed some 400,000 lbs of a special grade paper in four days. They found it on Go2Paper but in another trim size. "Go2Paper arranged to have the paper slit and shipped to their printer within 72 hours," says Conran. "Done the old fashioned way, I doubt this story would have a happy ending."

In another case, a major printer made an additional $200,000 over their prior method, selling their excess paper on Go2Paper. "Go2Paper offers a global depth and breadth of audience for a buyer or seller. No one else offers that," says Conran.

Today, Go2Paper has over 5,000 registered users from about 20 countries. "The growth and strength is there," says Conran, whose background includes seven years with RR Donnelley, the largest printer in North America, and seven years working with a software company. "Experience in print, paper and technology provides an invaluable background for working in today's modern paper industry," he says.

Go2Paper charges transaction fees of 3% for roll paper and 5% for cut sheets, but Conran emphasizes, "Those fees are more than made up by the benefits of doing business in a panoramic global marketplace."

Go2Paper started in 1999, is based in Oakland, California and is privately held.
ADVICE to MEDIA: visit Go2Paper website: www.Go2Paper.com