Go2Paper Launches PaperManager™ Mobile

Managing Paper Orders and Inventory on SmartPhones

OAKLAND, CA - May 28, 2014 - Go2Paper (www.Go2Paper.com), a leading provider of e-business tools and services for the global paper industry, announced today PaperManager Mobile (PM Mobile), available on smartphones at www.papermanager.com. PaperManager allows paper buyers at retailers, catalogers, magazine and book publishers to collaborate online with their paper suppliers and printers to more cost effectively manage paper orders and inventory.

Many of the largest paper buyers today are placing their paper orders for their printed publications directly with their paper suppliers using PaperManager. And, now, with PM Mobile, a customized mobile version of PaperManager, they are able to manage those same orders via their smartphone. Plus, they have quick access to critical data such as paper inventory at the printing plants, last date to change (LDC) orders, paper searching tools, and much more, all in real time.

Mike Conran, Go2Paper CEO, said, "Many of our customers require access to their paper orders and inventory when not at their computer. With PM Mobile, we provide them with a fast and easy way to view this time sensitive data using their smartphones. Our customers can simply save PM Mobile to their smartphone for quick access to their paper orders and inventory."

PaperManager's "Software as a Service" (SaaS) model, allows each user to enter and access their paper orders in the cloud from any computer. The service can be deployed within one day and is cost-effective from day one. The application is managed by Go2Paper on their secure servers, so there is no need for additional IT overhead. Buyers enter their orders into PaperManager and suppliers receive and confirm them. The service keeps track of paper shipped from the mill, paper received at the printer, paper consumed and inventory remaining. Usage can be tracked against printer contract rates, and inventory can be applied with one click during the ordering process. Users can choose automated email notifications for all steps in the process, assuring accuracy. PaperManager comes complete with XML capability, allowing users to download their orders directly into their accounting systems.

Go2Paper (www.Go2Paper.com)

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