PrintMedia Manager is a cloud-based, all-in-one spend management solution for print RFQs, procurement and project management for any printed materials: catalogs, books, brochures, labels, large format printing, door hangers, direct mail – any print project. Get the best price and quality by receiving bids from your current printers or by searching our huge database of 2,000+ printing plants, sorted by product type, print process and location.
  • Create and send RFQs to your printers
  • Quickly add new printers to your list
  • Track the progress of the RFQ
  • Upload job specifications or images
  • Create and track your purchase orders
  • View shipment confirmations and invoices
  • Manage production schedules and assign tasks


A Cloud Solution for print buyers to create and organize RFQs with their preferred printing companies.

Easily manage the quotes and orders for all your printed materials!


Start by logging onto, fill out the RFQ, select the printers, and submit it. The printers will reply with their quotes.


One simple to use form allows you to create and submit an RFQ for all types of printed products. No need for customization.


View all quotes on one page with various sorting options to get a clear picture of your bids.

Always Accessible

Access 24/7 from any web browser.


Find new printers! Search by product type, print process, or location from over 2,000 printing plants.


Save thousands of dollars on your print budget by matching the best price and quality from our vast database of printers.

Who benefits from PrintMedia Manager?

PrintMedia Manager provides tools for print buyers to manage their print spend with print brokers or direct with printers plus print brokers can utilize the service to manage print purchases for their customers.

Print Buyers

Create and organize print quotes, providing increased transparency and simplified comparisons between printer quotes. Create print orders and upload artwork files. Robust work flow tools provided to track the production process.

Print Brokers

Have the tools to create and manage the print RFQs for customers. Find and select the best printers for each job from a massive list of printing plants.


A simple and quick method to enter your quotes from the print buyer's RFQs. Keeps a history of all your quotes and uploaded documents, all with simple to use work flow tools to manage the production process with the customer.

Get Started

Setting up a PrintMedia Manager account is easy! No need to download any software or change any of your current Suppliers – and you can add new Suppliers at any time.

1 Contact Us

Contact us for a demo and to discuss our cost effective pricing models.

2 Register

Become a PrintMedia Manager member by registering. All participants must have their own account prior to gaining access.

3 Notify Suppliers

Inform your Suppliers you’ll be using PrintMedia Manager so we can provide them with access to your account.

4 Training

We’ll provide you with great training along with many videos and a manual with step by step instructions.

5 Ready to Go!

Once you’re logged into PrintMedia Manager, select your suppliers and you’re ready to start creating your RFQs!